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DataCore Technology to Deliver Digital Signature Integration for AutoManager Meridian

Exton, PA—March 26, 2001 -- DataCore Technology, Inc. announced today that the company has signed an agreement with premier digital signature software vendor E-Lock Technologies to use the company’s application programming interface (API) to develop a digital signature verification extension for the AutoManager Meridian document management system from Cyco Software. The extension will allow for the display and verification of digital signatures created by E-Lock Technologies’ Assured Office product in common office documents stored in AutoManager Meridian vaults.

E-Lock Technologies' Assured Office enables organizations, their customers and partners to sign and approve documents electronically and securely, through the application of PKI-based digital signatures. Assured Office efficiently manages all an organization’s signing needs through automated features and wizards.

Assured Office is seamlessly integrated with MS Word, MS Excel and Adobe Exchange, providing digital signature capabilities from within these applications. Assured Office provides logically arranged menu options as well as intuitive toolbars, making it simple for users to initiate security operations for documents being edited.

E-Lock Technologies’ Business Development Manager, Jack Kirivong expressed his confidence in the project: “We feel very confident that Assured Office software will be able to fit [DataCore’s] needs. We do not see any problems with integrating our product with AutoManager Meridian.”

AutoManager Meridian is Cyco Software's critically acclaimed document management solution that allows real-time collaborative engineering through complete integration into the Internet. It is easy to customize to specific customer demands. AutoManager Meridian works in the background and users appreciate the seamless integration into their applications. AutoManager Meridian manages the workflow and is very easy to use. It offers powerful search options and extensive revision control mechanisms. With AutoManager Meridian, everyone can keep track of information throughout the entire lifecycle of a product or service.

"We’re excited at DataCore about the opportunities the integration of these products is going to bring to our customers in all regulated business environments, and specifically to the pharmaceutical industry for complying with 21CFR part 11. Digital signatures is the last piece in the completely digital documentation puzzle and these technologies from Cyco and E-Lock have made it possible for us to bridge the gap between the digital and paper worlds." said Brian Sallade, President of DataCore.

On Wednesday, June 14th 2000, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (E-SIGN) S. 761. The U.S. Senate passed the same bill on Friday, June 16th. Former President Bill Clinton signed the bill both with ink and electronically on June 30th. With the passage of this bill, electronic signatures and on-line contracts gained legal acceptance.

About E-Lock Technologies

E-Lock Technologies provides assurance to e-Business content and transactions and develops innovative e-Business Content Assurance products to meet emerging Internet, extranet, and intranet business requirements. E-Lock's products are designed to facilitate e-Business by empowering existing applications and business processes with PKI based Digital Signature technology. These products provide legally binding protection for electronic transactions with non-repudiation throughout a transaction's lifecycle. For further information on E-Lock Technologies, visit

About Cyco Software

Cyco Software, the creators of 'EDM in WebTime®", specializes in designing software that will give users access to any document, anytime, anywhere. AutoManager Meridian is the most anticipated product release from Cyco, the longtime market leader in CAD and engineering document management solutions for the Windows 95, 98 and NT platforms. Visit for additional product information.

About DataCore Technology

DataCore is a leader in delivering document management solutions to the engineering, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries. With offices across the United States, DataCore consultants are able to solve the most challenging document management problems using a variety of products and technologies. DataCore is a Microsoft Certified Partner, Autodesk Registered Developer, AutoManager Meridian Solution Partner, and Documentum Signature Partner. Visit or call 800-531-2287 for more information.