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Autodesk Buzzsaw


Poor communication between organizations is the root cause of many problems throughout the building lifecycle and has the greatest impact on cost, schedule, scope and quality. 


The Autodesk® Buzzsaw® on-demand project management service, a part of the Autodesk Collaborative Project Management suite of solutions, is designed to help businesses manage the plan, build, and operate phases of the building lifecycle on demand – simply, securely, and profitably.   By streamlining the way extended project teams manage and share information, Buzzsaw assures project owners and stakeholders that accurate information is always available to everyone involved in the execution of their projects. 


Key Features
  • Track and manage multiple document versions, add comments, and send notifications when new versions are created.

  • Control access to documents and ensure that only one person can edit a document at any given time.

  • View and mark up drawings, maps, and models, streamlining the review and editing process—without the original design creation software.

  • Know who accessed, edited, uploaded, and downloaded any document and when they did it.

  • Manage and maintain as-built information more efficiently.

  • Ensure that equipment information, locations, specifications, warranties, and manuals are all centrally managed and accessible to the people who need to keep them up and running.

Key Benefits
  • Instant access to crucial information increases return on investment by spurring timely action and reducing the risk of cost overruns and schedule delays.

  • Improves design review with sophisticated viewing technology.

  • Reduces printing, reproduction, and shipping costs by publishing and distributing sheet sets in DWF files to project bidders.

  • Reduces costs and errors by maintaining full control of projects.

  • Delivers secure, around-the-clock access from anywhere in the world.

  • Simplifies construction workflow by using standardized forms, including requests for information (RFIs) and change-order requests, for all construction processes.